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Dear Medical Specialists,

The Iranian Society of Atherosclerosis has a great pleasure to announce that The 20th InterNational Congress on Cardiovascular Updates will be held from 11th to 14th September, 2018 at the Milad Tower International Conference Hall, Tehran, Iran.    

The main goal of the congress as from its first year of organization is to update scientific knowledge of our fellow Cardiologists and other specialists in the Cardiovascular related fields living all across our great country, Iran. This year's four-day congress will be assisted by prominent and high ranked local and international professors. In addition to presenting latest results of international scientific researches in cardiovascular diseases, this year's latest guidelines also will be reviewed and discussed.   

Online Web Symposium and Live Internet Broadcasting of the scientific lectures are amongst new technologies which will be used during the 20th congress to make programs and information more accessible for all Iranian Interested Physicians, Nurses and Specialists in the related fields. 

Along with the scientific lectures, international and local companies active in Cardiovascular Diseases also will exhibit their latest technologies in drugs and medical equipment.

The organizing committee wishes to make a scientific and friendly environment to improve attendees' knowledge in cardiovascular related fields.  


          M.Ghasemi, M.D                                                                                   M.Eslami, M.D


     President of congress                                                                       Secretary of congress

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